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benjamin cogswell pistols

Benjamin Cogswell Pistols

Spot-on assessment

Wanted to give you an update on the pistols for reference.  You were spot on with your assessment.  I went through a local Auction house here in San Rafael and they sold for $2,500.00. I thought you may want to know. Thanks for your help , service and advice.

Don K.

Gun Appraised in 2022

portugese musket

Portugese Musket, circa 1850

So glad I found LSB

So glad I found LSB! We didn’t know what the stuff was let alone what it was worth. I love knowing that kids will know more about these items history and their adventurous grandfather.

K. Lewis

Gun Appraised in 2019

knife collection appraised 1

Sykes, Fairburn British Commando Daggers, WW-II

Randy has become a trusted resource

I feel fortunate to have been a client of Lock Stock & Barrel Appraisals for the last several years. Randy has become a trusted resource. Not only does he understand my interest in particular historical items but has a real and proven grasp of the significance and market value of these items.

client who had pistol gun appraised

Emmett S.

Knife Collection Appraised in 2022

gun collection lost in camp fire in northern california 2018

Gun Collection Lost in Camp Fire, 2018

We were able to recover appraised amounts from Fire Victims Trust

Thank you, Randall, for all of your hard work putting together the at times voluminous appraisals for the firearms our clients lost in the Camp Fire on November, 8, 2018. Given your expertise and detail, we were able to recover your appraised amounts for our clients from the Fire Victims Trust.

Anthony L. & Bonnie C.

Gun Collection Lost in Camp Fire in 2018

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