Our appraisals can’t miss

That’s because we directly target your needs. How much any particular weapon is worth depends on many variables beyond make and model, such as condition, rarity and historical significance. If you’re planning on selling a firearm, value also depends on how much gun dealers, auction houses and collectors are willing to pay—as well as how quickly you need the cash. We supply the ammunition you need to choose between these many options.

We begin with an inspection of the firearm or collection of firearms in the field. That includes identification and authentication of each individual weapon as well as establishing its safe, working condition. Often, the appraisal can be completed on site, but further time may be required to authenticate some weapons as well as create inventories for multiple gun collections. We do what it takes to ensure you receive the most accurate appraisal on the market today, for the affordable rate of $150 per hour.

An honest appraisal is important, because firearms, antique edged weapons, war memorabilia and other related collectibles retain and even increase in value over time. Well-made modern handguns manufactured by Beretta, Glock and Walther are worth hundreds of dollars. Antique Colt six-shooters and lever-action Winchester rifles used in the old west sell for thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. Pistols, rifles, bayonets, knives, uniforms and vintage posters from WWI and WWII can be worth a surprising amount of money. That’s why today’s market for firearms and collectible weapons is so competitive.

Once value has been established, it’s time to decide what to do with your weapon. It may require registration and we can help you navigate the regulatory paperwork. You may want to keep the weapon or pass it on to a relative. However, if you choose to sell, you may also want to consider our marketing services for the same affordable hourly rate.

Target your market.

There’s no shortage of businesses willing to take your weapons off your hands, from your friendly neighborhood gun shop to dozens of gun auction houses both live and on the internet to professional collectors willing to pay top dollar for specific makes and models. Prices between buyers may fluctuate wildly, which is why you need someone who knows the territory, someone you can trust.

You can trust Lock, Stock & Barrel Appraisals because unlike many appraisers, we do not purchase and sell firearms. We don’t minimize your value to maximize our profit. Instead we maximize your value by facilitating sales with the network of reputable gun shops, auction houses, antique dealers and collectors we’ve built up during 30 years of appraising weapons in the Central Valley, from Chico to Sacramento to Fresno.

We provide you with a marketing plan targeted directly to your needs. Those needs can vary depending on the quality of the weapons you’ve inherited and your own financial well-being. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of operators assuming you don’t know the true value of your weapon. Our marketing plan connects you with reputable buyers who pay a fair price, whether you need the money immediately or in the near future.

We’re straight shooters.

If you’ve inherited a gun and don’t know anything about firearms, you may be asking yourself, why should I pay Lock, Stock & Barrel for an appraisal and a marketing plan, when I can just sell it myself to any number of dealers online?

That’s a good question, and we’ve got an excellent answer.

Chances are, you’re not going to get a better deal, even with our appraisal factored in. During 30 years in the business, we’ve seen far too many people get ripped off by unscrupulous buyers because they had limited knowledge of guns and other weapons. The internet hasn’t changed that by a long shot.

That’s why we’ve tailored our business to help people just like you get the most value from the firearms you have inherited. If you have firearms, antique edged weapons, war memorabilia or other related collectibles you’d like appraised, please fill out the details on the form below, attach an image if you have one and we’ll respond to you promptly.