Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell firearms?

No, LS&B Appraisals does not sell firearms nor are we licensed to do so. We will however, help you sell your guns through our large network of trusted buyers, collectors, auction houses and consignment shops.

Do you conduct appraisals outside of Northern California?

Yes, LS&B Appraisals can provide gun appraisals to anyone anywhere provided they have a computer that they can upload pictures to the website with. In some circumstances LS&B Appraisals will travel great distances to provide appraisal services. As we like to say, “Have guns?…We’ll travel.”

Does LS&B Appraisals only appraise firearms?

No, LS&B Appraisals also appraises knives, swords, edged weapons of all kinds, military memorabilia, uniforms and related items.

Do you share private information about me and my valuables?

No, LS&B Appraisals does not share your private information about your valuables with anybody, period. We understand the importance of confidentiality and take special care when providing our services.

What fees do you charge?

LS&B Appraisals charges an appraisal hourly rate of $170 per hour. We also charge a documentation & administration fee of $85/hr. If we need to travel to you, we bill $100/hr of travel.You don’t pay anything to contact us and begin the process. Based on the photos and information provided we’ll give you an estimate on how many hours will be involved. Per ISA standards, our fee structure is in no way connected to the value of your items.

How do I get started?

You can begin by sending us a message on our Get Started page. Provide us with some info about the item and if possible some pictures. You can also call or text us at 916-844-9054.

What should I do if I inherit guns?

First, be sure the firearms are unloaded.  If you are not familiar with firearms, find someone qualified to assist you.  Second, secure the firearms. Until you know what you have and what they are worth, don’t gift or sell anything!  Some people will say “Bob told me that I could have this”.  Wait until you know what you have.

What is your process?

The LS&B Appraisal process is pretty simple: Upon arrival at the location we will conduct a safety check to ensure all firearms are empty. We will number, photograph and gather each firearms important data. We leave and all of your items stay with you.

We then research the items for identification and market value. You will receive a spreadsheet with all of the data and values along with a flashdrive with the photos.You will be invoiced upon completion of the work.

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