About Us

We fill a unique need. We only appraise guns & related items with no conflict of interest. We are not an FFL dealer. It’s people, passion, history and knowledge that make us who we are.

Randy Orzalli

Founder, Firearms Appraiser

Randy is a seasoned firearms appraiser and the founder of Lock, Stock & Barrel Appraisals, Inc. He’s been a lifelong outdoorsman and enthusiast of antique guns and weapons. Now a retired educator, he’s fully dedicated to uncovering the intricacies and stories that make each item unique and sharing his findings with others. He’s been conducting firearm appraisals for over 30 years and has appraised thousands of guns, edged weapons, military memorabilia and other items.

randy orzalli experienced gun appraiser

Susan Robbins

Appraisal Coordinator and Factotum

Susan is an independent contractor specializing in document and logistics coordination for Lock, Stock & Barrel Appraisals, Inc.  She has worked with Randy for 20+ years making sure that gun appraisals are done efficiently, clearly, concisely and accurately.

firearms appraisals coordinator

How it all began

Randy Orzalli’s passion for antique guns goes all the way back to his childhood. His grandmother let him look at the guns they had locked up if he was good. He grew up to be an avid outdoorsman and developed a deep appreciation for the intricate designs of historical pieces.

Lock, Stock and Barrel Appraisals, Inc. began with Randy doing appraisals for friends and charitable organizations. He was more than happy to help and in the process realized that he enjoyed the unique stories each weapon brings and sharing his knowledge with people. Upon his retirement from Education, the company was incorporated as a California S Corporation and serves individuals, fiduciaries, and insurance companies.

ruger pistol firearm appraisal

A unique service

There is no shortage of in-person and online dealers who would be happy to take your item off your hands. But, there’s a problem. They are interested in buying your weapon and maximizing their profit on a sale.

That’s where we come in. We are here to serve people like you. We only appraise firearms, other weapons and related items. We don’t buy or sell. You’ll get an honest assessment of what you have and what it’s worth. Then we’ll advise or assist with selling or direct you on how to best protect your valuable item.

If that old gun could talk

Every weapon has a story, and often the people who inherit them are an important part of that tale. The 16-gauge, single-shot shotgun handed down from great granddad, to grandad, to father, to son and now you. The battle-scarred M-1 Carbine carried ashore on D-Day in WWII by a late great uncle. A long-range Sharps rifle alleged to be the one used by Tom Seleck in the movie Quigley Down Under. We can assist with documenting your items’ family history.

18th century musket gun appraisal


We’ve been appraising guns, swords, knives and related memorabilia for over 30 years. We haven’t seen everything but we’ve seen a lot. We’re well versed in hands-on analysis of the intricate details and nuances that make a piece unique. Years of experience has given us insight into how to find hidden stories and uncover your items’ hidden historical or monetary value.

There’s just one question

What’s in your attic?