About us

About Lock, Stock & Barrel Appraisals

Our mission is to help you understand:

  • What you have.
  • What it’s worth.
  • How to preserve and protect it.
  • How to sell or insure the item(s).

Lock, Stock & Barrel Appraisals began as a favor for a friend. Founder Randy Orzalli was approached by said friend, who had recently inherited a small collection of firearms after her husband had suddenly passed away. She knew absolutely nothing about firearms but was aware that Orzalli was an experienced outdoorsman and avid gun enthusiast. Orzalli was more than happy to appraise the collection, and during the process he learned something important about himself: He enjoyed hearing the stories of the people he was helping as much as he enjoyed sharing his knowledge of firearms with them.

Every weapon has a story, and often the people who inherit them are an important part of that tale. The 16-gauge, single-shot shotgun handed down from great granddad, to grandad, to father, to son. The battle-scarred M-1 Carbine carried ashore on D-Day in WWII by a late great uncle. A long-range Sharps rifle alleged to be the one used by Tom Seleck in the movie Quigley Down Under. People inherit weapons every day, so for Orzalli, there no shortage of new stories to hear, new information to share, new folks to help out.

Cogswell Percussion PistolSome of Orzalli’s favorite stories involve firearm newbies who have no idea the guns they have inherited are locked and loaded with a shell in the chamber and the safety off. That’s how fatal gun accidents happen at home, and preventing such incidents is one of Orzalli’s major goals. Safety first.

Orzalli’s business partner Julian Fong-Manoff shares the same values and has a deep interest in the history of firearms and other weapons, especially from WWII, in which both of his grandfathers fought. Orzalli is a family friend and helped identify an antique revolver and a WWII combat knife he had inherited from his grandfathers.

“I really liked his approach in explaining what I had inherited,” says Julian. “We’re helping prevent people who don’t know the value of what they have from being exploited by a complicated and incredibly competitive market for contemporary, vintage and antique firearms, as well as many other historic military relics from the past.”

Much like firearms are passed down from generation to generation, Orzalli is passing his extensive knowledge of guns, edged weapons and military memorabilia on to his younger protege. Together, as Lock, Stock & Barrel Appraisals, they’re the alternative to the high-volume, “we’ll buy your gun now” websites that flood the internet. They could care less about your story.

Lock, Stock & Barrel Appraisals wants to hear it.

jgarcia_bugLock, Stock & Barrel Appraisals donates a portion of all proceeds to the John Garcia Youth & Wildlife Foundation, which helps connect urban area kids from underserved communities with the great outdoors.