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Get an honest assessment of what you have, what it’s worth and your options for selling or protecting your item(s).

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We are not an FFL dealer. We only appraise guns, swords, knives and related memorabilia. We tell you what you have, what it’s worth and your options for marketing or protecting the items.

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smith and wesson pistol gun appraised

Smith & Wesson Pistol

Gun appraisals were very accurate

Such a pleasure to work with Lock, Stock & Barrel. Helped me with evaluating several items of which I had limited knowledge. Pistol and rifle appraisals were very accurate, and they were a pleasure to work with.

Nita C.

Gun Appraised in 2022

Northern California and Beyond

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We are located in Northern California near Sacramento and regularly travel to do firearm appraisals. Optionally, you can come to us. If you are outside of the area, let’s talk. We can likely still appraise your gun, edged weapon or accessory.

Some firearm appraisals can be done from a good set of photos which can save travel costs and expedite the process.

Why get an appraisal?

You might just want to know what you have and what it’s worth. If you are thinking about selling, be prepared with an trustworthy assessment in writing of what the item is worth.

Other reasons to get an appraisal

  • Insurance – Get the right coverage or file a claim
  • Estate appraisals and Trusts
  • Divorce cases
  • For tax deductible donations
  • Provenance – Know the history of the item. We can enlist resources to investigate links to people, places and events of the past.
  • Forensic Analysis – If an item has been damaged in a fire or other disaster, it may be difficult to assess it’s value. We can help.
randy orzalli experienced firearms appraisals

Randy Orzalli

  • 30 years experience appraising guns, knives, swords and related accessories.
  • 1000’s of items appraised. Everything from colonial era muskets to modern items and more.
  • Proven accuracy. Time and again clients have told us their appraisal was spot on and and they got a fair deal on a trade.

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